266 Vietnamese return home from Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that 266 Vietnamese citizens were bought home safely from Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt on June 15-16.    
June 17, 2020 | 10:08
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0417 266 vietnamese return home from kuwait qatar egypt

Vietnamese citizens set to board their flight home from Kuwait – PHOTO: FOREIGN AFFAIRS MINISTRY

The flight was conducted under the cooperation of the Vietnamese embassies in the three countries, Viet Nam’s Bamboo Airways and relevant agencies of the host nations.

The returnees included pregnant women, children under 18, persons with severe illness, and laborers with expired or cancelled contracts.

Right upon their arrivals, all the passengers and crew members on board received heath examination and were put in quarantine in the Southern region in line with regulations.

Amidst the complicated developments of the pandemic and travel restrictions imposed by many countries, the flight was arranged to land in Kuwait and Qatar to pick up Vietnamese citizens, VGP reported.

Earlier, the Vietnamese Embassy in Kuwait had actively worked with Kuwaiti authorities to prepare the necessary procedures concerning the grant of flight permit and permission to allow Vietnamese citizens in Egypt to enter Kuwait to take the flight home.

At the same time, the ambassadors and diplomatic officials of the Vietnamese embassies in Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt directly arrived at the airports and coordinated with airlines and authorities of the host nations to instruct the citizens to complete the necessary procedures.

Under the Prime Minister’s directions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transport, domestic agencies and Vietnam’s overseas representative agencies have arranged a number of flights to bring Vietnamese citizens home.

On the basis of the pandemic’s developments in the country and the world, citizens’ aspirations and local quarantine capacity, more flights are set to be conducted in the coming time to repatriate Vietnamese citizens.

According to Worldometers, as of June 16, Kuwait ranks 33rd in the world in number of cases, with 36,431 cases and 298 deaths.

Meanwhile, Qatar ranks 20th with 80,876 cases including 76 deaths. According to Al Jazeera, Qatar will gradually lift the COVID-19 lockdown in four phases from June 15, when some mosques can re-open and flights can depart. The second phase of easing the lockdown would start on July 1, the third on August 1 and the fourth on September 1.

Egypt ranks 28th with 46,289 cases, 1672 deaths.

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