An unusual Tet of the border guards

For border officers and soldiers, further afield Tet, standing firm to protect the border is their mission of routines any spring coming. But this Tan Suu 2021 year ( the year of Ox) is really an unusual spring for them - the unexpected spring due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic ...
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Bao Lam Border Guard's officers and soldiers on duty with full troop strength

One day of the year of Mice, Bao Lam Border Guard (located in Bao Lam commune, Cao Loc district, Lang Son province) suddenly rang the phone ring, breaking the inherent tranquility. Major Vu Anh Linh stood up, raised his hand to the phone ...Moments, his face relaxed, beaming smile: "My wife calls!"

The phone screen was appeared faces of a young women and a child: “How are you? Is it colder there? " Major Linh smiled, he answered his wife: "I'm still fine, it's sunny here so it's not cold anymore". He and his wife discussed on their family and children. Then the story went on revolving around life in the frontier and behind nostalgia of a young wife and two small children ...

However, the conversation could not last long because he still had a duty to do - border protection, illegal entry and exit prevention and disease spread prevention ...

The special spring of the border guard
Major Vu Anh Linh - Politician Deputy of Bao Lam Border Guard Station was called by his wife to ask and encourage him for further afield Tet.

A Spring Unusual

Major Vu Anh Linh (born in 1984, residing in Khuong Dinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi), working in the army for standing firm to protect the border anytime Tet coming as usual. But the spring of 2021 is really the unusual spring - an unexpected spring to those working at the border of the country. Due to the raging COVID-19 epidemic, their work is harder and harder than ever.

Before the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic from the beginning of 2020 up to now, especially the outbreak saw recorded cases of COVID-19 infection in the community from January 27, 2021 in Hai Duong, Quang Ninh and a number of other localities, the Lang Son Border Guards mobilized 100% full of the troop strength, maintained 156 posts to increase patrol, control, lock down the trails and opening ways of the border area, forming " Steel belt ”to detect, prevent illegal entry and exit, making an important contribution to epidemic prevention.

Major Vu Anh Linh said, Bao Lam Station has just completed its mission of ensuring the successeful taking place of the XIII National Party Congress. It is planned that some soldiers will have a break to visit their home, many have not been home for 3-4 months. The station also has plans for a number of them to enjoy Tet with their families. However, due to the COVID-19 spreading, excepting for the cases of illness, most of the remaining forces stayed the same for standing firm. He himself also missed the opportunity to return home to celebrate Tet with his family. His wife has just given birth to the second child for 1 month, but this Tet he cannot visit his wife and children because of staying here.

Difficult and dangerous, but the mission of ensuring safeness is still the number one priority. The soldiers are still on duty day and night, everyone is very homesick but all try to meet work's requirements. To be a soldier, nothing is impossible ...

The special spring of the border guard
The Bao Lam Border Guard stations soldiers stayed at the shack and welcomed Tet away from home like Mr. Linh

Much more homesick, stronger working

Soldiers' love stories are not only in literature and books. Their wifes are always solid and strong wind beneath husbands' wings. Some of them has been away from home for months, years, or even a few years, and their wifes stay at home to take care of the family and children. Wifes themselves create peace of mind for soldiers to maintain the border of the country. Ms. Ngoc, Major Vu Anh Linh's wife is one so.

According to Mr. Linh's recommendation, we met Ms. Ngoc at their home. Tet comes, their house has been fully furnished and decorations. The only thing missing is the presence of her husband, the father.

Ngoc shared that every year the whole family goes to shop, decorate the house, cook delicious food and spend time enjoying with friends and relatives. This year everything was set aside because of his work and duties that needed Linh to keep staying in the front line. Ngoc understands and shares with her husband, only wishes him good health to fulfill his duties, contributing to protecting the Fatherland and preventing epidemics. "Next year when the epidemic over, our family will reunite to enjoy Tet!", Ngoc said ...

Captain Vi Van Duy, Chief of the Administrative Staff of the Bao Lam Border Guard Station (born in 1984, residing in Lang Son City, Lang Son Province), whose house is just over 20km far from the station, still could not take advantage of time for preparing Tet for his family. They spend all time for the safety of relatives, friends and people in the context of COVID-19 prevention.

This year Bao Lam Border Guard Station has been strengthened by a number of students of the Border Guard Academy participating in border security protection and COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. For many young practitioners, this is the first time working on a border mission, so it is inevitable that they miss their homes. However, when directly experiencing the conditions of accommodation and duty at the key points here, with the encouragement and help, they have become very integrated and quickly, ready to receive and complete the task well.

Student Linh Van Hai confided: “Now I get used to it. Doing the job well first, then it will be timer for us to go home ”…

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Translated by Tarah Nguyen


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