Colombian visitor: ‘I love Vietnamese people’s friendliness’

Angelica Rodriguez, a Colombian woman who’ve spent the last 10 days traveling alone across Vietnam, is deeply impressed by the welcome and warm helps she gets from local people. 
June 03, 2020 | 14:06
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Rodriguez’s making pottery in the ancient Hoi An town, central Vietnam (Photo courtesy of Rodriguez)

Vietnam is one of Rodriguez’s top favorite destinations among the 13 countries she’s been to.

Rodriguez has spent 10 days visiting famous tourist hotspots in the North, Central and South of Vietnam, Canh Co reported.

“What I find the cultural diversity most interesting which is clearly shown in the cuisine, daily activities, regional language characteristics”, Rodriguez said.

“Despite those differences, you still feel the great friendliness of the Vietnamese people in every place you go to”, she smiled.

She recalled once she wanted to buy a coffee bag from a famous brand but didn’t know how to put her idea through to the seller. As she was confusedly standing at the store, a Vietnamese customer had kindly explained the different type of coffee to her in details. The old man even resorted to translation tool on the Internet to communicate with her in English. Thanks to the kind old man, Rodriguez finally got the coffee bag she wanted.

There was another time Rodriguez booked the wrong pick-up address on Grab and could not meet the driver. She had to ask the receptionist in a nearby hotel for help.

“I was afraid I would bother her at first, but to my surprise, the receptionist was very courteous and thoroughly explained to me what’s wrong. She even called the driver and guided him to the hotel to pick me up”, the Colombian tourist said, adding that she’s very touched and grateful for the helping hand she got during the trip.

“I was quite nervous embarking on the solo tour along Vietnam as, you know, I’m a foreigner and could not speak any Vietnamese. There’s no companion either”, she said. “However, on the contrary, I had such a fulfilling experience in Vietnam, partly thanks to local people’s help”.

Rodriguez enjoyed watching people’s lives on the streets and at small alleys as “Vietnam is a much safer country compared to mine”. Rodriguez spent most of her tour wandering around neighborhoods to learn more about Vietnam, about the culture and local people. One of her favorite stops is Hanoi Old Quarter and the Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, which is around 30km away from Hanoi.

“I believe traveling is one of the best ways to experience and absorb the culture of one country”, she voiced her perspective. At the end of the interview, Rodriguez said she would definitely return Vietnam in the nearest time since there were still many beautiful places she hasn't been to.

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