COVID-19 Updates (Nov. 6): Foreign Minister agrees with plan to resume flight to Taiwan

Four round-trip flights are expected to be launched between Vietnam and Taiwan (China) each week.
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3 imported cases detected. (Photo: Vietnam Plus)

3 imported cases detected

On the morning of November 6, The National Steering Committee confirmed 3 new COVID-19 imported cases, one of which is an Indian expert, the other two have Vietnamese nationality. All three patients are currently quarantined and treated in Khanh Hoa.

Thus, among 1.210 COVID-19 cases that the country has so far recorded, 1.069 have been given all-clear. 14,100 people are currently under quarantine for having close contact with or passing through pandemic areas, in which 209 are isolated in hospitals, 12,926 in other concentrated facilities and 929 at home.

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Vietnam shares experience in applying technologies in COVID-19 prevention. (Photo: Hanoimoi)

Vietnam shares experience in applying technologies in COVID-19 prevention

The Ministry of Information and Communications partnered with the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs to hold a workshop on the application of technologies in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in Hanoi on November 5.

The workshop was attended by ambassadors and representatives of international organizations and media outlets and aimed at sharing Vietnam’s experience in applying technologies in preventing the spread of the coronavirus and treating those infected.

One highlight was Bluezone, a Bluetooth-based mobile app that helps identify and alert people who have interacted with COVID-19 patients. The National Hospital for Tropical Diseases introduced the use of a high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) in place of intubation for critically-ill COVID-19 patients. The workshop also featured test kits for COVID-19 produced by Thai Duong (the SunStar JSC), which have received market authorization in the EU.

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Foreign Minister agrees with plan to resume flight to Taiwan. (Photo: VNA)

Foreign Minister agrees with plan to resume flight to Taiwan

Four round-trip flights are expected to be launched between Vietnam and Taiwan (China) each week after Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh agreed with plans to resume commercial flights between the two sides, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Vice Spokesperson Duong Hoai Nam has said.

Nam told the ministry’s regular press conference on November 5 that aviation agencies of Vietnam and Taiwan (China) have basically reached consensus on relevant procedures.

Under instructions from the Prime Minister, since April 15, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has closely coordinated with the Ministries of National Defence, Health, and Transport, competent agencies, and Vietnamese airlines to organise nearly 200 flights bringing about 60,000 Vietnamese citizens home from more than 50 countries and territories.

Eleven flights have been arranged to repatriate around 3,200 Vietnamese citizens from Taiwan (China). Joint efforts are being made to fly more Vietnamese home, including those in Taiwan (China), in the time ahead, Nam said.

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