In photos: Tears falling on date of Da Nang General Hospital lifting lockdown

On August 25, Da Nang General Hospital was removed lockdown after one-month quarantine due to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases.
August 26, 2020 | 07:49
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Hundreds of doctors and nurses are cheerful after Director of the Municipal Health Department, Ngo Thi Kim Yen announces the city’s decision to lift the lockdown order. Photo: VOV
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After nearly one month, Da Nang General Hospital is eligible to be removed the lockdown. All doctors and nurses were tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 virus. Photo: VOV
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Photo: VOV
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Ngo Thi Kim Yen congratulates the doctors of Da Nang General Hospital. Photo: VOV
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Doctor Le Duc Nhan, Director of Da Nang General Hospital (in the middle) said in the past 2 weeks, the medical staff has disinfected the hospital many times. Photo: VOV
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Hundreds of doctors and nurses clapped their hands cheerfully Photo: VOV
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They have been in quarantine for 30 days. Photo: VOV
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The joy of the hospital guard. Photo: VOV
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Doctors, nurses, and medical staff have undergone six tests and all are negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Photo: VOV
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They now can go home with their family and will self-quarantine at home for 14 days under the current regulations. Photo: VOV

According to Dr. Nhan, Da Nang hospital has yet to receive patients after the lockdown order was lifted. It needs two weeks to continue with clean-up efforts and training on a comprehensive care model and expected to receive patients with severe illnesses again as of August 28.

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Photo: VOV
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Monitoring the automatic body temperature measuring system for people in and out of the hospital. Photo: VOV

Da Nang Hospital is the last medical facility in Da Nang to be removed from the lockdown since the second outbreak of Covid-19 at the end of July.

Da Nang General Hospital, the leading health facility in Da Nang city, was isolated on July 26 after a COVID-19 patient was detected, ending a 99-day streak without a locally transmitted infection in Vietnam.

Community infections since have spread from Da Nang to 14 other localities, with 547 cases linked to the central city. Also Tuesday, four more Covid-19 recoveries were announced in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. The pandemic has killed 27 patients, who also suffered from other severe diseases including kidney failure and cancer.

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