Inspirational "Zero-dong class" operated by Saigonese teacher

The female teacher who won the first prize of an IT award created by Microsoft twice has gone many places to inspire her colleagues.
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A teacher must be a happy person herself to bring joy to children

Ms. Nguyen Minh Ngoc used to be a teacher at Dinh Thien Ly High School, Ho Chi Minh City. Graduated from Hanoi National University of Education, Ms. Ngoc taught at Huynh Thuc Khang High School (Nghe An) and then started a career in Ho Chi Minh City. The female teacher who has 17 years of experience has won the first prize for creative teachers of an information technology awards twice by Microsoft and the Ministry of Education and Training.

In 2011, Minh Ngoc founded the project named "Learning literature to live". With this method, students learn literature without being framed in the program, but by the connection between teacher-student - parent - social, directing students to the criteria of love - learn - grow up - experience. From text book's knowledge, students have to go out to society to practice, make their own works. When the new school education program was first issued, Minh Ngoc and her colleagues continued to implement the project "bringing values of life into the classroom" to spread the values of teaching to colleagues, so that they can put into their own classrooms.

According to the female teacher, the new high school program orientates the intellectual and personality development of students with 5 qualities and 10 core competencies. Basically, this helps teachers envision the educational products to be aiming towards. However, to implement the program, teachers need specific and detailed instructions. “Currently the program just stops at describing 5 qualities, 10 abilities, which means, it only solves the question of "what?". While the teacher should answer the questions of why, how, and how to evaluate”- Ms. Ngoc shared.

Ngoc affirmed that thoughtful and adequate preparation before starting the program is very important. Without them, teachers cannot shape skills and competencies for students. If the teachers are not happy with their job, they can not bring value to the class.

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Zero-dong courses

“I think a possible solution to the current situation is to build a community of teachers together to spread living values. Turning some of the theoretical contents of the course into online lectures is also a way to overcome the difficulty of human resources. Online platforms also create access to the course for teachers,"- Ngoc shared. Initially, the group only had 3 people. Gradually, the group received unexpected support.

"The number of participants is always more than 300 because many colleagues, friends and administrators and teachers in other provinces and cities are accompanying and supporting us" - Ngoc said. So far, Ms. Ngoc's group has organized 8 courses to bring value to life in the classroom. In which, there are 6 courses in Hanoi, 1 in Hai Phong, 1 in Ho Chi Minh City.

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The greatest achievement is joy

Recalling her journey, Ngoc said, "I have exceeded my limits, because the new plan started in October 2020". In the course of implementation, Covid-19 has caused many obstacles. The female teacher regretted having to postpone a class in Hanoi despite having already arranged the location and though more than 110 teachers registered to participate.

“The biggest achievement I have received is the happiness and joyfulness of my colleagues on the course and their commitment to change the classroom. Commitments do not come from paperwork but come from efforts to manipulate values ​​to change the classroom. Small changes are taken, such as connecting more with students, spreading more love, organizing more meaningful class activities ”- Ms. Ngoc said.

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nz embassy opens zero dong supermarket to help covid 19 affected workers NZ embassy opens zero-dong supermarket to help COVID-19-affected workers

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