Mother suspected of killing five children in Germany, tried to kill herself

The bodies of five young children were found inside an apartment in Germany, a short distance from the spot where their mother jumped in front of a train.
September 05, 2020 | 07:43
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5717 flower
A woman lays flowers outside the apartment block in Germany. Photo: Reuters

A 27-year-old mother is suspected of killing five children in the German city of Solingen, security sources said on September 4.

They told Germany’s DPA news agency that the woman later climbed onto the tracks at the main train station in the nearby city of Dusseldorf, where she was injured.

Earlier, police said five children had been found dead at a home in a block of flats in Solingen.

5847 police truck
Ambulances are parked outside a house in Solingen, Germany. Photo: DPA

Several emergency service vehicles were seen in front of the property on September 4 afternoon.

Police spokesman Stefan Weiand was quoted by Reuters as saying at the moment the mother is being treated in hospital. There is one more child that survived.

Mass-selling newspaper Bild reported in its online edition that the children’s grandmother had called police to tell them that her daughter had killed five of her children and was out of her home with a further child.

5516 hand
A handprint is seen on the window of the flat where five children were found dead. Photo:AFP

The police then found the dead children, aged 1, 2, 3, 6 and 8, Bild said, adding that a further child - an 11-year-old son - was found unharmed at the grandmother’s home.

According to The Sun, the son watched the mother allegedly carry out the horrific killings.

The mum - named as Christiane K in German media - then took him on a train journey before she got off at Dusseldorf and threw herself on the tracks.

The boy was left on the train and continued to Mönchengladbach where his grandmother lived.

0218 police
Solingen's mayor Tim Kurzbach puts a candle at the entrance of the house. Photo: AP

A police source told RTL the children were poisoned with tablets.

Officers are now in contact with the father of the younger children, reports Bild.

The mum gave birth to her first child when she had just turned 16 but it appears then split with his father, say reports in Germany.

Solingen is a city of 160,000 people located between Dusseldorf, Cologne and Wuppertal around 65 miles from the border with Belgium./.

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