Telegraph explains how Vietnam can ‘take pride in defeating COVID-19 twice’

UK-based news outlet The Telegraph on Sunday run an article citing reasons how Vietnam promptly contains the ‘second’ coronavirus outbreak twice, the success that the nation could take pride in.
September 30, 2020 | 07:17
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The article titled “How Vietnam crushed its second coronavirus wave” starts by describing the first infection in Vietnam, whose source remains unknown, after 99 days of no community transmission. The outbreak then spreads rapidly, within a few weeks hundreds of new cases were detected in Da Nang, largely concentrated in a cluster of hospitals, while Vietnam’s coronavirus-related death toll jumped from zero to 35.

15 other cities and provinces, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City were also hit hard by the new wave of infections.

Unlike in March, however, when Vietnam faced its first major outbreak and implemented nationwide social distancing regulations, the government decided to take a more local approach in order to avoid large-scale economic damage”, the article reads.

According to The Telegraph, Da Nang was placed under “ the strictest lockdown yet seen in the country”, with transport, all businesses are closed. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, entertainment complexes were brought to a halt. Gatherings of more than 30 people were banned and masks were made mandatory in public again.

Within a few weeks hundreds of new cases were detected in Da
Within a few weeks hundreds of new cases were detected in Da (Photo: Reuters)

Meanwhile, massive Covid-19 testing was attributed as the second key factor behind containment achievement.

Massive Covid-19 testing was rolled out for anyone returning to these cities from Da Nang before its lockdown began, which included tens of thousands of people, and any new patients were isolated while rapid, detailed contact tracing was conducted".

These were the same tactics that the Vietnamese government deployed earlier in the year when the virus first broke out, and they were extremely effective”.

The mass testing across Da Nang was also mentioned.

1112 covid
Vietnamese students being tested for nCoV before entering the national entrance exam (Photo: VNE)

Mass communication was, as reported by The Telegraph, another important aspect.

Michael Tatarski, the author behind the article, reported that Vietnam Ministry of Health hand sent out routine text messages to all mobile phone subscribers with health and safety advice and precautions.

Talking about the achievement, the article wrote that the infection rates in the central city had slowed to a crawl, and “Da Nang also carried out mass testing, though it is difficult to determine exactly how many tests were conducted, as the Ministry of Health wasn’t reporting numbers”.

Domestic travel to and from the outbreak epicenter, businesses in other major cities have all resumed their normal operations. Vietnam went from 417 total cases before July 24 to 1,069 at the time of writing.

Only 40 cases remain active nationwide, and an air of confidence has returned to the streets. After successfully containing its first outbreak in March and April, Vietnam can now take pride in defeating the coronavirus twice”, it concludes.

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