Three Chinese imprisoned in Vietnam for stealing US$12,000 from ATMs

Three Chinese nationals were sentenced to seven years in jail each for using forged cards to steal money from ATMs.
August 28, 2020 | 09:05
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Three Chinese men face trial in Nghe An Province for ATM theft, August 26 2020.

Photo by VnExpress/Nguyen Hai.

Yang Chang Cai, 34, Deng Cong Cong, 30, and Lian Yu, 36 were found guilty of "using computer networks, telecommunications, the Internet or digital devices to misappropriate property."

The trio came to Vinh, the capital of Nghe An, Vietnam in July last year and installed electronic devices at local ATMs to steal customers' data for making fake cards, reported VNExpress.

Receiving complaints from some affected banks, the Ministry of Public Security carried out to investigate and arrested the trio in September as they were leaving town.

Officers detected that they held 316 fake bank cards and three sets of electronic equipment with mini cameras and data collection software.

According to investigators, three people had stolen more than VND279 million ($12,060) from several accounts between August and September 2019.

In recent years Vietnamese police have seized a number of Chinese gangs illegally entered Vietnam and stole money by using fake cards.

In 2019, two Chinese men were caught in northern Lang Son Province for trying to install electronic components to steal data from local ATMs.

In 2018, four Chinese men were handed down jail sentences in Ha Long in the northern province of Quang Ninh for using fake credit cards to withdraw money illegally.

The Quang Ninh Province People's Court sentenced Feng Yu He to five and a half years, Li Dan Yang to five years and Zheng Ren Xian and Wang Tao to four and a half years in jail each.

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