Vietnam - A role model in the fights against the pandemic

Vietnam is considered as a role model in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemics.
June 30, 2020 | 16:16
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Vietnam had a good start from very early

In the fight against the COVID - 19 pandemic, each country has its own approach and strategy, based on the overall evaluation of the situation, macro policies, state institutions, economic potential, experience, practices, practices, and ethical principals. In this global war with coronavirus outbreak, Vietnam has decided to move forward with its own approach. With the number of infections until April 27 was 270, in which 222 people were successfully treated, and no deaths, Vietnam is acknowledged as a positive image, a "good model in the battle of COVID-19" for other countries to follow. Many well-known international organizations such as WHO, the World Economic Forum (WEF), Asian-Pacific Fund (APF) have given a lot of praise for Vietnam... Below is some analysis for the success of Vietnam as a typical case study.

First and foremost, Vietnam has not only succeeded in the clear direction from the beginning but also in the mobilization of people's unity, as well as the contribution of all resources from the entire nation. The whole political system started in a smooth and effective way. Especially, most of the Vietnamese citizens agreed and supported with Government's decisions since they clearly saw the humanity in every action of the Government through the spirit "the fight against the pandemic is the same with the fight against the enemy" and the principle of "No one is left behind".

The highest-ranking conducted by German-based agency Dalia clearly showed the highest level of satisfaction of Vietnamese people in the response of the Government for the fight of COVID-19. This is the clear answer to those who are still concerned by the misunderstanding about "human rights" in Vietnam. On the other hand, Vietnam has shown the world to see the effectiveness of its social institutions, with a strong administrative system and health care system at all levels.

Moreover, Vietnam has not been passive in combat with the pandemic. While some other countries were still confused with what they had to do to deal with coronavirus, Vietnam right from the beginning was successful in choosing the most appropriate approach, which was cheap, reliable, and effective. The free-of-charge policy on medical examination and treatment has encouraged the residents to declare their illness in order to receive timely treatment. On the other hand, the balance of the Vietnamese Government in ensuring the safety of its citizens while maintaining the progress of economic development is an appropriate strategy during the outbreak.

Through the challenges and difficulties of the pandemic, traditional values of Vietnamese people on more time to be promoted. People are willing to sacrifice their personal interests for a great collective benefit of the wider community. Each individual is considered themselves an active contributor to the sustainable development of the country. On the other hand, Vietnam hasn' t forgotten anyone, even though they are Vietnamese citizens abroad, or the expats who are living and working in Vietnam. Whenever they are infected by the virus, they will be treated and cared equally and free. Until April 10, 1.500 Vietnamese citizens were stranded in international airports successfully returned to Vietnam safely. It has to say that the trust of Vietnamese people to the Government has been highest than ever before.

The challenge of coronavirus outbreak is also the opportunity for Vietnam to promote its leadership role. In the context of complexities due to the pandemic, Vietnam has shown the world its strong commitment to fighting against COVID-19 by its flexibility and proactivity. Vietnam continues to reaffirm the responsibility and accountability for the international community. Together with other member countries, Vietnam has demonstrated its capability of rapid response to the challenges, as well as coordination and networking in policy advocacy and action within ASEAN.

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, on February 15, with Vietnam's initiative and coordination, ASEAN is the first regional organization to issue the Declaration of the President of ASEAN in response to COVID - 19. ASEAN ministerial-level meetings in important areas, such as health, defense, and economy, or online meetings with key partners including China, the EU, the US, and WHO have been continuously conducted under the leadership and coordination of Vietnam.

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Vietnam donated thousands face masks to help the U.S in the fight against the pandemic

Even though Vietnam is not a rich country, it is always willing to donate medical facilities for the US, France, German, China, Itali, Spain, the UK, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. It seems that the world praises Vietnam not only for the value in money but more importantly, for the goodwill from the bottom of Vietnamese's hearts and the spirit of "A friend in need is a friend indeed".

The COVID - 19 pandemic is not a single country battle. It is a global crisis. Although Vietnam and some other countries have won the battle, the fight is still ahead. There is only global solidarity that will be able to win the pandemic.

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