Vietnam could observe partial solar eclipse on June 21

Vietnam will observe a rare solar eclipse on June 21, a total of 11 years after the previous one.
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The phenomenon is set to begin in Central Africa, before passing through Saudi Arabia, northern India, parts of southern China, before concluding in the Pacific Ocean.

However, a number of regions globally such as East Africa, the Middle East, and parts of South Asia will be able to enjoy a partial eclipse, including Vietnam.

Hanoi will see the partial eclipse begin at 1:16pm before reaching the maximum eclipse at 2:55pm when the moon moves in front of the centre of the sun, covering 71% of it in the process, with the occurrence set to end at 4:18pm on June 21.

Elsewhere, citizens in Da Nang will be able to witness the moment the moon reaches the sun’s edge at 1:30pm, with the central city expected to see an eclipse covering 56% of the sun at 3:04pm.

Ho Chi Minh City will see the event occur at 1:37pm, with the partial eclipse covering 36% of the sun at 3:05pm, with the moon to leave the sun’s edge at 4:18pm.

Once the eclipse passes, Vietnamese people will have to wait a further three years in order to witness the phenomenon again, with the next one scheduled for April 20, 2023, with the sun only expected to be 5% covered.

Over the course of the next decade, two partial eclipses are set to occur in both 2027 and 2028, with 15% and 30% of the sun expected to be covered, respectively.

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